Fluid Power Energy Solutions

Fluid Power Energy’s (FPE’s) range of thermostatic valves, centrifugal filters and air shut off valves are utilized in the following rotating equipment, hydrogen power pack, and boiler applications. These critical plant and machinery are utilized across the globe in a variety of industries to control and optimize the flow of various fluids essential to modern life and society.

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All types of compressors can utilize FPE’s thermostatic control valves to optimize lube oil temperature control and bypass the cooler bypass on start-up if necessary.

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Diesel & Gas Engines

Optimum lube oil and coolant temperature control utilizing FPE’s thermostatic valves, oil life extension and overspeed protection ensures your engines is running at peak performance and efficiency.

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Turbine Lube Oil Skids

FPE’s thermostatic valve is used to optimize lube oil temperature and viscosity on critical turbine bearing applications and ensure continuous power generation.

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Hydrogen Power & Wind Turbines

FPE’s thermostatic valve technology is used to optimize system cooling and deliver peak power generation.

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Non-Condensing Boilers

Protect your non-condensing boilers against corrosion to extend operational life and maintenance intervals by fitting an FPE thermostatic valve.

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