Turbine Lube Oil Skids

Fluid Power Energy for Turbine Lube Oil Skids

Modern gas, steam and combined cycle turbines are utilized throughout the world to generate an ever-increasing demand for electricity.  Spinning at a constant RPM, 24 hours a day, the rely on a thin film of oil in their bearings to ensure continuous trouble-free operation.

FPE has been working with lube oil skid manufacturers and packagers the world over for decades to ensure that their systems deliver a constant temperature and hence viscosity of oil into these critical applications.

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Thermostatic Control Valves

Explore FPE’s extensive range of thermostatic control valves (TCV’s) available in steel and stainless steel for utilization in your critical lube oil skid and systems design.

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Typical Industries That Utilize Turbine Lube Oil Skids

Common industries that use Turbine & Other Lubrication Systems are Gas and Pipeline, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical and Power Generation.


Power Generation Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Gas Pipelines

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