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Fluid Power Energy’s (FPE’s) range of thermostatic valves, centrifugal filters and air shut off valves are utilized and integrated into engines, compressors, turbines and other key systems that keep our society moving, our homes warm and allow us to enjoy an unprecedented quality of life.

The following are some of the major industries that integrate FPE products into their essential systems:

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Power Generation

Turbines and engines form the backbone of the World’s electricity generation with wind, hydrogen and other renewables fast catching up. FPE works with all of these technologies to deliver clean and efficient power.

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Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

These industries utilize a multitude of compressors, engines and turbines to produce the fuel, gas and materials that make our modern society what it is today. FPE’s products are incorporated into a multitude of these plant’s systems.

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Gas Pipeline

The pipelines that cross all our countries and the World itself relies on compressors, engines and turbines to ensure the continuous flow of gas which is used to as a fuel source in its own right and also to produce electricity. FPE solutions form an integral part of this equipment.

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Drilling (Offshore & Onshore)

As the World moves towards more sustainable energy sources such as wind and hydrogen, drilling for oil and gas remains as essential as ever during the transition. FPE’s products are incorporated into the prime movers on drill rigs.

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Despite significant global progress in recycling, the Earth’s growing population still requires a continuous supply of raw minerals provided by our mining industries. FPE supply product to the heavy duty plant and equipment that are utilized to extract this mineral wealth in as economically and environmentally friendly way as possible.

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From inland waterway ferries and medium sized vessels to the largest ocean going ships, the marine transportation of people, material and goods is essential to maintaining our communities and way of life. FPE product can be found across a multitude of maritime systems.

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While electricity powers trains for the bulk of passenger rail, diesel locomotives are still extensively utilized to transport goods and materials across the globe. FPE products are utilized to ensure the most fuel efficient and least polluting use of these engines.

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Diesel engines and compressors are utilized extensively off-highway to generate electricity, drive plant and act as prime movers. FPE product forms an integral part of this heavy duty machinery and plant.

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