Model M300

Oil Centrifuges

  • Throughput: 4 Gallons per minute (15 L/min)
  • Oil Sump Capacity: Up to 60 Gallons (227 L)
  • Dirt Holding Capacity: 150 in3/2340 cm3
  • Also Featuring: Side Drain
  • True Centrifuge
  • Reduces Hazardous Waste
  • Reduces Engine Wear
  • Extends Oil and Filter Life
  • Removes Solids Below One Micron
  • Diagnostic Tool
  • User Friendly
  • Easy Installation
  • Rugged Construction
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Oil Supply to Centrifuge
Oil supply should be taken from a source as close to the lube oil pump discharge as possible and on the dirty side of the full flow oil filter. A 1/2” NPT pipe or #8 hose supply should be used for supply with a full-opening ball valve installed in supply line to allow the centrifuge to be isolated for cleaning without shutting the engine down. The centrifuge will operate efficiently at 30 to 90 psig with the preferred pressure of 60 to 80 psig.

Clean Oil Return to Sump
The clean oil drain line to the sump should be a 2.0” minimum diameter unrestricted hose or pipe to a 2.0” connection located above the oil level is required. Alternate oil fill openings or drilled-and-tapped holes in crankcase doors are options that can be used.

The drain is correct if you can drop in a 2.0” diameter ball and it can freely roll through the drain line into the engine. The oil drain line should be free of any shut-off valves.

Mounting Considerations
SPINCLEAN™ Centrifuges are high-speed devices and should be securely mounted to prevent excessive vibration.

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