Gas Pipelines

Fluid Power Energy for Gas Pipeline Industries

Gas pipelines use both gas engines and turbines as prime movers to drive large compressors to shift product both around a plant and across entire countries and continents.

Gas Engines & Turbines

Used as a prime mover to drive a compressor and also to generate electricity.

Temperature control valves are utilised on gas engine cooling system to maintain optimum engine temperature and also on lubrication systems on both gas engine and turbines to ensure a consistent oil viscosity.

FPE’s Spin Clean centrifugal filter is incorporated on gas engines to extend oil life and change out intervals and ensure maximum up time.


Used to push the gas through the pipeline.  FPE’s thermostatic valves are utilized to ensure optimum bearing lubrication and avoid water condensation when starting a screw compressor.

FPE Advantages

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Thermostatic Control Valves

Explore our range of thermostatic control valves (TCV) and let us help you size and configure one for your key rotating equipment.

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Air Shutoff Valves

Air Shutoff Valves (ASOV) are often required for diesel engines operating in a hazardous or flammable environment to prevent catastrophic equipment failure due to “runaway” engine.

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Oil Cleaning Centrifuges

Learn more about how you can extend oil life and maintenance intervals on your gas engine gensets and prime movers. Work with us to specify the optimum centrifugal filter for your system.

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Applications that Use Gas Pipelines

In the oil and gas industry, common applications are engine oil and lube, compressor oil and lube (air, reciprocating, screw), and hydraulic oil and lube. Upstream or Midstream, diesel engines are used in almost every step of the process. FPE Thermostatic Control Valves are used in providing temperature regulation in engine and compressor cooling and lubrication cooling. Spin-Clean filtration helps extend the life of lubrication oil in stationary diesel engine applications. It also allows the particulate to be lab analyzed for different types of metals which aid in preventive maintenance.


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