President’s Message

Welcome to Fluid Power Energy, Inc.

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial thermostatic control valves I am proud of the way the company has maintained it’s family and community values from when I started it with my father in 1975 to the present day with facilities on all major continents.

Our team continues to put our customer’s needs and values at the forefront of our daily activities and decision-making processes to deliver a quality product at a fair price and short lead time.  Investment in people and plant has meant that we have been able to maintain our market leading position for close to half a century and we still supply today our original customers from when we began the company.

We are strong members of our local communities and having weathered many market downturns and financial crises and I am pleased to say that we have never had to make a single layoff.  With a focus on work-life balance, many of our employees have been with us for over 20 years and I am sure will be with us for more to come.

I and the whole FPE global team look forward to serving you now and into the future.


Douglas Bayerlein
Fluid Power Energy

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