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The World's Best Thermostatic Control Valves Delivered Faster 

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Now that you've ordered an FPE thermostatic control valve (TCV), let's tally up the money you single-handedly saved your company. With the shortest lead and delivery time, typically 1/4 any competitor, you've minimized downtime and associated costs (this alone is a very large number). Customizable and "low lead" compliant, FPE thermostatic valves add additional value you can't get elsewhere. And since Fluid Power Energy TCVs are the highest quality and lowest priced thermostatic valves in the world, you've just delivered even more value your company. Maybe it's time to ask for a raise?

ISO 9001-2008 certified with over 39 years of global leadership, FPE prides itself on customer satisfaction and welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate the impact we can make for you and your bottom line.


In addition to thermostatic valves (often called temperature regulating valves, Amot valves, temperature control valves, thermostatic diverting valves, temperature regulator valves, thermal control valves, thermal regulator valves, thermo control valves, thermal regulating valves or regulator control valves depending on industry), FPE makes Spin-Clean oil filtration systems. Our latest innovation Air Stop, a full line of shutoff valves, releases shortly.

Manufactured in FPE's newly expanded USA facility, all can be built to spec. Fluid Power Energy also offers a full line of replacement parts/kits for our products as well as Amot thermostatic control valves and components. 
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