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The Fastest Way To Get The World's Best Thermostatic Control Valve

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FPE provides the industry's shortest lead and delivery time, typically 1/4 that of our competitors, for the highest-quality thermostatic control valves on the globe at the lowest price. "Low lead" compliant and customizable, the amount of downtime and associated costs an FPE TCV can save you is exponential. Enough about us. Let's get you up and running.

Fluid Power Energy can customize your TCV (sometimes called thermal control valve, three way temperature control valve, temperature regulating valve, temperature regulator valve, thermo control valve, thermal regulator valve, thermostatic diverting valve, regulator control valve, Amot valve, thermal regulating valve or just plain thermostatic valve depending on industry) to spec and size with piping, sensors and oil filtration as well as mixing or diverting valves.

Set at predetermined temperatures (see FPE Thermostatic Control Valve Model Coding) from 7 to 126 °C (45 to 260 °F), FPE thermostatic valves require no adjustment. Fluid Power Energy also offers a full line of replacement parts/kits for our products as well as Amot thermostatic control valves and components. Restrictions may apply, see FPE Thermostatic Control Valve Operation Guidelines and Warranty.