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Spin-Clean Stationary Oil Reclamation System

Clean dirty oil 150 gallons at a time with Fluid Power Energy's latest development, the Spin-Clean Stationary Oil Reclamation System.  Run your used, contaminated oil through our system and clean out the harmful sub-micron particulate matter. Call for more information.


(Oil cleanliness is based on oil sampling - additive package or clean oil may have to be added to reclaimed oil to be deemed as suitable for reuse)


New Temperature Control Valves!

1 1/4" NPT Style Connections temperature control valve (often called thermostatic control valves, temperature regulating valves, thermostatic diverting valves, temperature regulator valves, thermal control valves, thermal regulator valves, thermo control valves, or regulator control valves depending on industry). 

(Available in all casting materials)

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Be Green. Run Spin-Clean



Download the latest version of our Spin-Clean Brochure!