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Thermostatic Control Valve, Spin Clean Oil Filtration and Air Stop Shutoff Valve Applications


Fluid Power Energy supplies thermostatic control valves (also referred to as TCVs, temperature control valves, thermal control valves, temperature regulating valves, temperature regulator valves, thermo control valves, thermostatic diverting valves, or simply thermostatic valves) to a wide variety of OEM and packagers in the air/gas compressor market.  FPE TCVs are used across the globe in the smallest to largest gas compression package applications.



Thermostatic valves from Fluid Power Energy are the most effective solution for boiler protection. Used in a mixing application, FPE three-way temperature control valves,  provide temperature control for return water to avoid damage caused by condensation and thermal shock.

Industrial Engines

Fluid Power Energy thermostatic control valves, Spin Clean oil filtration and Air Stop shutoff valves are used extensively in the global industrial engine market.  Used in conjunction with engine cooling systems, our TCVs provide temperature control while FPE Spin Clean centrifuges extract harmful waste particles to significantly extend engine and engine oil life. FPE Air Stop shut off valve applications prevent catastrophic runaway situations in the diesel engine market.



As in the industrial engine market, Fluid Power Energy thermostatic control valves, Spin Clean oil filtration systems and Air Stop shutoff valves deliver in the harshest conditions and environments known to man, be they land or sea. FPE's durable design ensures optimal performance and reliability marine applications demand.


Oil & Gas

Fluid Power Energy thermostatic control valves, Spin Clean and Air Stop products are also used extensively throughout the oil and gas industry.  Typical applications include gas compression, oil well fracking and drilling.


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